Dated changes to the catalog

Changes to Catalog

Stratford University’s 2021-2022 catalog is in effect as of 8/15/2021. Since this catalog’s original publication on 8/15/2021, the following significant changes have been implemented.

Additions/amendments incorporated in this version of the catalog are noted in italics and appear at the top of the table below. 

*Date is the same for publication and effective, unless otherwise noted.


Date:  Section: Change From: Change To:

Legal Control

 Removed: Craig Quigley, Chairman of the Board
 Update: Tariq Khan, Chairman of the Board
 1.25.2022  Schedule of Tuition and fees  Change PLAR fee and Transcript fees
 1.25.2022  Mode of Delivery  ADD  Stratford University agrees, in cases where the institution cannot fully deliver the instruction in the mode for which a student has contracted, to provide a reasonable alternative for delivering the instruction or return of tuition and fees charged. 
 1.25.2022 Schedule of Tuition and fees changes to tuition are communicated at least two terms in advance  changes to tuition are communicated at least one term in advance

Academic Calendar

 Removed 2021
 Updated 2022
 1.24.2022  Schedule of Tuition and fees  Changes/Add

 Changes to fees. Application fee, Lab fees

Add Culinary Graduation Attire and Culinary Graduation fee

 1.10.2022   Schedule of Tuition and fees Add
 Culinary Externship fee $381.00/$1715 per course  5.23.2022

Maryland State refund policy


A student may be entitled to make a claim against the Maryland Guaranty Student Tuition Fund for For-profit Institutions of Higher Education (“Student Tuition Fund”) in the case of certain events, including a school closure. The Student Tuition Fund is administered by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Information about the Student Tuition Fund and instructions for filing a claim may be found in Regulations 13B.02.06.01 through .13 of the Code of Maryland Regulations or by contacting the Maryland Higher Education Commission.”