Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress: Milestones and Evaluation Points

Graduate Degree Programs

Degree programs are evaluated after every academic year thereafter, including mid-term starts. For the purpose of this policy a student’s academic year shall be deemed to be 3 consecutive terms wherein at least 1 term of attendance occurs within the academic year. In cases where a student begins an academic year, but does not complete 3 consecutive terms of attendance, the evaluation shall occur at the end of the academic year (after 3 consecutive terms) and the evaluation shall be completed based upon the number of terms attended within the respective academic year, even if all terms are not attempted. While final grades, GPAs, and ROP are made available at the end of a student’s term, they are informational only except at evaluation points. Please note students may be notified of their progress at any time and may be required to take specific action(s).

  1. A student who starts or re-enters at a mid-session will have that session count as an entire term for SAP purposes.
  2. At the end of the first academic year (an academic year is three (3) consecutive terms) and each academic year checkpoint prior to the 6th term of attendance, the students must achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and a ROP of 50%. Anything below these milestones will result in Academic/Financial Aid Dismissal.
  3. At the checkpoint occurring on or after the 6th term of attendance of the program and every academic year checkpoint thereafter, until graduation, students must attain a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and a ROP of 67%. Anything below these milestones will result in Academic/Financial Aid Dismissal.

  4. Students may not attempt more than 150% of the credits in their program; anything in excess of 150% will result in Academic/Financial Aid Dismissal. Dismissal for violating the maximum timeframe(MTF) may happen at any time.

  5. Final course grades, grade point average, cumulative data for all courses a student attempted at the University, as well as courses successfully transferred in from prior postsecondary institutions, are available on the student portal for review. There is also an indicator on the student portal if a student is on Academic/Financial Aid Probation or on Academic/Financial Aid Dismissal.

  6. Reentries: Students SAP status as of the last scheduled SAP review point shall be applicable at the time of a student’s reentry and said status shall be reviewed upon reentry. Student will be advised of their SAP status at the time of reentry and provided a projection of what is needed to maintain SAP requirements at the next official evaluation point (See Degree Programs Evaluation Point Milestones ((CGPA/ROP)) and requirements). Reentries whose evaluation does not indicate the ability to meet the next evaluation point during reentry processing will not be allowed to reenter into the program.  



 Evaluation Point  Milestones (CGPA and ROP)
 Required Action if milestone is not met.
 * End of First Academic Year (3 Terms) and each academic year checkpoint thereafter prior to 6th term of attendance
 ≤2.00 GPA and 50% ROP  Academic Financial Aid Dismissal
 Each academic year checkpoint from 6th term of attendance until end of program
 ≤3.0 GPA and 67% ROP  Academic Financial Aid Dismissal
 At Any Time  Anything in excess of 150% (MTF) = 81 or greater credits
 Academic Financial Aid Dismissal