Schedule of Tuition and Fees

Item                                                                                          Cost

Undergraduate tuition  $370.00 per credit $1,665.00 per course

Nursing (NSG) course tuition  $470.00 per credit  $2,115.00 per course

Graduate tuition  $495.00 per credit                           $2,227.50 per course

Military tuition assistance $166.67 per credit                           $750.00† per course 

Expedited I-20 Processing and Mailing Fee $200.00

Graduation Fee (Undergraduate) $195.00

Graduation Fee (Graduate)  $235.00

Insufficient Funds Fee $30.00

Late Payment fee- Cash pay- (no Payment plan) $250.00 (effective 5/1/2020)

Late Payment Fee (gap payment plan)  $25.00

Late Payment Fee (non-gap payment plan) $100.00

Late Registration Fee $100.00

Library/Textbook Fees  Varies based on book/action

Payment Plan Fee (1 term)* $50.00

Payment Plan Fee (3 consecutive terms)* $50.00

Payment Plan Fee (through graduation)* $100.00

Payment Plan Fee (up to 12 months after graduation)*  $125.00

Payment Plan Fee (13-24 months after graduation)*  $250.00

Prior Learning Assessment Fee $200.00 (non-refundable, per course)

Replacement Diploma Fee $35.00

Replacement ID Fee  $15.00

Student Activity Fee  $100.00 (non-refundable, one-time fee)

Transfer/Withdrawal Fee for International Students $1,000.00

Transcript Request Fee $10.00

Program Specific Fees

Chef Uniform $375.00 (one-time fee)

Kit, Culinary or Baking  $375.00 (one-time fee)

Kit, Health Sciences $500.00 (one-time fee)

Kit, Nursing  $250.00 (one-time fee)

NCLEX Preparation and ATI Testing Fee $480.00 (one-time fee)

Course Fee, Clinical  $400.00 per course

Criminal background check fee $38.50 (one-time fee)

Food Fee  $88.00 per credit                             $396.00 per course

Lab Fee, Nursing** $280.00 per course

Lab Fee, Computer**  $80.00 per course

Lab Fee, Health Sciences** $280.00 per course

Medical assisting testing fee $125.00 per test

Pharmacy technician certification exam $129.00 per test

Supplemental Instructional Fee** $88.00 per credit                             $396.00 per course

Technology Fee, Nursing $200.00 (one-time fee)

Transfer kit fee (baking to culinary) $110.00 (one-time fee)

Transfer kit fee (culinary to baking) $60.00 (one-time fee)

Unbound Courses: MS Surface Pro $1,470.00

Unbound Courses: Apple iPad $580.00

See catalog for information about which programs and courses have fees.

*Payment plan fees are waived if student participates in auto debit. Fees are non-fundable and payable with first installment.

**Lab fees are waived for the following online courses: SCI212, SCI250. Lab AND supplemental fees are waived for the following online courses: MED130, MED210, MED220, MED230. Lab fees are waived for MED260.

Note: The University reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees at any time. Tuition and fees are reviewed annually; tuition changes do not occur mid-term; changes to tuition are communicated at least two terms in advance.

†Nursing (NSG) courses are not eligible for the tuition assistance discount.