Stratford Extra Rewards

Overview: The Stratford Extra rewards is open to any new, current, reentry or readmit student to Stratford University. The Stratford Extra Rewards program allows an undergraduate student to earn tuition credit for each class completed at Stratford University towards an applicable degree program. Credit is payable at the time of graduation subject to program terms and conditions and can be applied to balance owed at graduation or be used to reduce student loan balance. Stratford Extra Rewards is available to first-time Stratford University students and to continuing students transferring 50% or less of their program requirements. 

Reward Amount: $166.50 in reward credit earned for each class completed at Stratford University at the undergraduate level subject to program terms and conditions. AAS students can earn up to $3,330.00 and Bachelor student can earn up to $6,660.00 in credits. Credits are payable only at graduation and provided student participates in Smart Borrowing program, remains enrolled for the duration of the program and comply with other program terms and conditions. This program cannot be combined with any other Stratford scholarship, grant, or discount.

Application Deadline: The application must be submitted prior to the first day of classes for the first term in which the applicant wants to participate in the rewards program.

Terms and Conditions: Click here or see application form for other terms and conditions.

Application Form: Click here.