Corporate Alliance:

Overview: The Stratford University Corporate Alliance program allows an employee of a company that signed a Corporate Alliance program agreement to receive

Award Amount: The Stratford University Corporate Alliance award shall be in the form of a 10 or 15% reduction in tuition ONLY.

Application Deadline: The application must be submitted prior to the first day of classes for the first term in which the applicant would like to use the corporate alliance benefit and an updated employment confirmation form is needed each term thereafter. 

Terms and Conditions: The tuition reduction received is based upon the agreed to discount rate contained in the agreement signed between Stratford University and the Corporate Alliance Partner subject to benefits provided to each company as contained in the agreement. The tuition reduction is valid so long as the employee remains employed by the Corporate Alliance Partner as certified by the employment verification document signed by a representative of the Corporate Alliance Partner. The employee is required to submit the employment verification document each term to Stratford University to confirm continued said employment. The tuition reduction ceases when the student is no longer an employee of the Corporate Alliance Partner or on termination of the Corporate Alliance agreement.

Application Form: Please see the student financial services department to determine if your employer participates in the corporate alliance program and obtain an application form to have signed by employer to confirm employment.